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  • openjdk 13
  • intellij
  • gradle
  • pycharm
  • jupyter
  • docker
  • filezilla
  • discord
  • sublime text
  • spotify
  • keepass 2

Pulseaudio fix

To make it possible to switch between speakers and headphones, follow these steps:

Run alsamixer.
If necessary, select your sound card with F6.
Navigate to “Auto-Mute” with the right arrow →.
Disable it with the down arrow ↓.
Press Esc to exit.

Or you can do all these steps with one command:

Open terminal
run amixer -c 1 set 'Auto-Mute Mode' Disabled

Now you can change between speakers and headphones in the PulseAudio Volume Control.

After applying these instructions you can make your life easier by using Sound Switcher Indicator to quickly switch between headphones and speakers.