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  • Set Project -> Properties -> General -> Advanced Set option to "Use Unicode Character Set"(Multi-Byte Character Set)

  • Turn off mouse coalesce in windows settings

  • (Turn of csgo mouse wheel weapon swapping - otherwise it might get arkward)

  • +fps_max 144 to launch options

  • cl_showloadout 1 incase hud randomly dissapears

  • flashing weapons for example in warmups are a problem for detection. Simply go for headshot training here


Python Opencv

  • Has Screenshots of all the weapon toolbars

  • Regualarly takes screencap of csgo and feature matches against the toolbars

  • Sends best match to c++ recoil algo

C++ Recoil Algo

  • Ability to record recoil vectors

  • Ability to emulate mouse movements, nullifying the recoil vectors - without hooking in the game


  • recordings need to have the same name like screenshots of the weapons for matching (without the .PNG file ending)